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Why you need an experienced DUI lawyer

From the time you see the blue lights in your rear-view mirror to the moment the case is closed, defending yourself on a drunk driving charge is scary and complicated. That’s why you should never go it alone. Instead, call on Morton & Gettys, where our DUI lawyers stand ready to fight for you.

At Morton & Gettys, we’ve defended thousands of clients  in DUI charges in York County, from Rock Hill to Fort Mill to York. We’ve also battled for clients charged with DUAC or DUI due to prescription drugs.

We start with a free consultation – that’s your time to tell your story. We listen, and we begin analyzing the case from every angle.

Experience counts

When you hire Morton & Gettys DUI lawyers, you are hiring attorneys with experience on the other side. Our lead DUI lawyer has worked as a prosecutor. We know how police put cases together, insights that we can use to help you.

We also know that there’s much more at stake than a criminal record – and that possibility alone is frightening enough. There’s also the potential loss of a license. Climbing insurance rates. Possible loss of a job.

Our goal in any DUI charge or traffic offense:  Help you minimize consequences now and in the future. Our attorneys will carefully analyze the facts of your case and recommend options for proceeding. We will examine the evidence and make sure the police officer followed proper procedure in issuing the ticket. We will make sure that laws put in place to protect you, such as South Carolina’s video taping requirement, were followed to the letter. We will make sure the field sobriety test was handled properly.

Help with every aspect of a DUI case

Our attorneys also have handled DUI cases through the administrative process before the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. We also can work to help you regain your license if it has been suspended or revoked.

We know it’s tempting to simply pay a traffic ticket online or plead guilty to a DUI and be done with it. That’s not always your best move. Even minor offenses carry points that rack up over time. A conviction on a more serious driving offense can carry a hefty fine or prison or jail time.

When the potential consequences are that serious, it’s time to call for serious help from the DUI lawyers at Morton & Gettys.

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