At a glance, South Carolina child support is simple. State law sets out guidelines that family courts have no choice but to follow. Those guidelines include formulas that consider factors such as income, health-care expenses, and child-care costs.

Determining the correct values to use in the guidelines is crucial. That is why parents, whether they are seeking support or paying support, need the advice of experienced child support lawyers, such as those at Morton & Gettys.

For example, gross income of both parents is part of the criteria for determining child support. Judges can, however, consider whether one parent is deliberately un- or under-employed. They can calculate support based on an imputed income that estimates what parents would earn if they were making their best efforts to become fully employed.

Our child support attorneys will spend time with you to carefully discuss finances and cover all the factors involved in determining amounts. We can help draft agreements and help make sure you have all the documentation necessary to prove your case.

Parents should remember that the first child support ruling is usually not the last. Either parent can return to court and ask for a child support modification if they have evidence that circumstances are substantially different. These situations include a change in a parent’s finances (for the better or for the worse), or a change in the child’s needs. We have helped many parents seek the modifications they need to ensure financial security for themselves and their children.

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