With decades of experience in helping Rock Hill families take care of the legal details after the death of their loved ones, the lawyers at Morton & Gettys have the probate administration knowledge and experience to make sure estates are resolved as efficiently as possible.

Many people try to handle probate on their own, but quickly find the experience daunting, if not overwhelming, at a time when emotions already are running high. Probate courts cannot give any legal advice and probate judges can’t answer questions, so loved ones often turn to the internet to try to figure out answers and determine procedures.

Turning instead to experienced legal professionals from the start can help ensure a smoother process. The attorneys and paralegals at Morton & Gettys have handled probate administration for thousands of estates, from simple matters to estates in the multi-millions. We have administered estates with complex Wills and trusts, and we have administered estates with no Wills at all.

Regardless of the presence or absence of a Will, Morton & Gettys will make sure proper procedure is followed on everything from opening the estate to notifying heirs. The attorneys and staff will handle notification of creditors and appraisals, as well as work to secure payment of any debts owed the estate. We help clients meet both probate court deadlines and tax filing deadlines and ensure that all documents are completed and in proper form. The process generally takes at least nine months to a year, and Morton & Gettys will keep track and keep in communication throughout the process.

In addition to doing the routine well, Morton & Gettys has experience in less-common situations, such as estates involving common-law marriages and missing or lost heirs. The probate attorneys also have crafted many family settlement disagreements that resolve disputes short of costly and stressful litigation.

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