Shiflet talks with television station about York County arson-murder case

John M. Shiflet, an associate at Morton & Gettys, talked with Charlotte television station WCNC about a York County criminal case that’s in the news in both states.

The case involves 17-year-old Jacob Morgan, who is accused of starting a trailer fire that killed his 14-month-old half brother. Morgan has been charged with murder and first-degree arson, and his family contends he’s innocent. He’s being tried as an adult, which is why his name is being made public.

His stepfather said the teen is not capable of such a crime, and he also questions whether Morgan, whom the stepfather says has serious learning disabilities, was capable of writing a statement that police in part based the arrest on.

His family also says police had no right to interview Morgan without a parent present. The WCCM reporter asked Shiflet, whose practice includes criminal defense, whether the family is legally correct.

See the story at WCNC’s web site.

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John M. Shiflet


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