South Carolina Bar House of Delegates information

The next meeting of the South Carolina Bar House of Delegates will begin at 1:00 pm May 16. I am excited the delegates are meeting here in Rock Hill, in the Richardson Ballroom at Winthrop University, as we swear in Rock Hill’s very own Beverly A. Carroll as the president of the South Carolina Bar. Bev will join Thomas F. McDow (1932), John M. Spratt (1969), and Robert “Bob” R. Carpenter (1972), as the only presidents of the South Carolina Bar Association, South Carolina State Bar, or South Carolina Bar from York County.

Please take a few minutes to review the summaries of key agenda items. A particularly important issue includes a proposed change in South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, bringing them in line with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

If you would like more detail, please find the complete agenda packet at the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns about an agenda item, please call or email me by May 15. It is important to me to make sure your voices are heard during this decision-making process that affects all attorneys. In order to achieve that goal, I need your input.


m-smith1-web_mugMichael B. Smith
Morton & Gettys
Representing the attorneys of York and Union Counties in the SC Bar House of Delegates

Read a summary of key agenda items below.

You can download the full agenda here.

Consent Agenda:

Request from the Trial and Appellate Advocacy Section to Amend Section Bylaws to increase annual dues from $10 to $20. Page 14 of agenda packet.

Welcome to Rock Hill: Given by Morton & Gettys managing partner and Rock Hill Mayor, John Gettys

Presentation of Awards:

  • Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year
  • Young Lawyer of the Year
  • Law Related Education Lawyer of the Year
  • Mentor of the Year

Recognition of the South Carolina Bar 2019 Leadership Academy graduates. Page 40 of agenda packet

Report from the President M. Dawes Cooke Jr. Page 45 of agenda packet

Request to adopt resolutions concerning continuing legal education. The resolution asks that the South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization update the Bar on its work toward online CLE reporting and provide a timeline for implementation of online reporting. Another resolution asks the Commission to expand the number of states with which out-of-state Bar members can meet South Carolina CLE requirements by meeting the requirements for the states in which they reside and practice law. Page 54 of agenda packet

Request from Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Committee to amend Rule 411, SCACR: The proposal would allow members to serve two consecutive terms. Currently, members who have served a full term cannot be reappointed until a year has lapsed. Page 58 of agenda packet

Request from Practice and Procedure Committee to amend Rule 45, SCRCP. A proposed change would clarify the meaning of “prior notice.” Page 65 of agenda packet

Request from Practice and Procedure Committee to amend Rules 1 26(b)(1), 26(f) and 34(b), SCRCP to be consistent with FRCP. Proposed changes would bring South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure in line with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, by (1) mandating all discovery be relevant to a claim or defense and proportional to the needs of the case; (2) taking into account electronically stored information; and (3) requiring specific grounds for objections, along with a statement as to whether documents are being withheld and of a reasonable time for production. Page 68 of agenda packet

Request from Professional Responsibility Committee to amend Rule 3.8 of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Proposed changes outline steps prosecutors must take if they know of new, credible, and material evidence or information creating a reasonable likelihood a convicted defendant did not commit a crime of which the defendant had been convicted. Page 77 of agenda packet

Election of Nominating Committee members. Page 88 of agenda packet

Approval of Bar and CLE Division budgets. Page 91 of agenda packet

Recognition of outgoing president and installation of new officers

President Beverly A. Carroll
President-elect Roy F. Laney
Treasurer Mary E. Sharp
Secretary J. Hagood Tighe
Board, 1st Judicial Region J. Benjamin Stevens
Board, 3rd Judicial Region Susan B. Berkowitz
Board, 3rd Judicial Region Doward Keith Harvin
Board, At Large Twana N. Burris-Alcide
Board, YLD Representative Pierce T. MacLennan
Board, YLD Representative Ashleigh R. Wilson
Board, SLD Representative John O. McDougall
ABA State Board Delegate Hon. James F. Lockemy
SLD President Robert L. Kilgo Jr.
YLD President Sheila M. Willis