South Carolina Bar House of Delegates information

The next meeting of the SC Bar House of Delegates will take place May 24, in the Tides Ballroom of the Sweetgrass Pavilion on the Wild Dunes Property on Isle of Palms.

Please take a few minutes to review the summaries of key agenda items.  They include a proposed change in the handling of electronic data that would allow, but not require, lawyers to hire outside technical experts. This proposal was discussed originally during our January meeting and is returning to the agenda after revisions.

If you would like more detail, you’ll find the complete agenda packet and its supporting documents at the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns about an agenda item, please contact me by May 22. It is important to me to make sure your voices are heard during this decision-making process that impacts all attorneys. In order to achieve that goal, I need your input.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me at any time if you have questions or concerns.


m-smith1-web_mugMichael B. Smith
Morton & Gettys

Representing the attorneys of York and Union Counties in the SC Bar House of Delegates

Read our summary of key agenda items below.

You can download the full agenda here. Supporting documentation and reports are here, though please note that Items 10 and 11 have been removed from the agenda.

Consent Agenda:

Request from Dispute Resolution Section to amend bylaws. See memorandum

Presentation of Awards:

  • Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year
  • Young Lawyer of the Year
  • Law Related Education Lawyers of the Year
  • Mentor of the Year

Report from South Carolina Bar Foundation, Inc.

Report from the President Page 36 of agenda packet

Request to support U.S. Senate Bill 2282:  The proposed legislation addresses bankruptcy venue reform. It would eliminate the place of incorporation in favor of filing where the debtor’s principal place of business or principal assets are located. Page 46 of agenda packet

Request from Professional Responsibility Committee to amend Rule 1.0, 1.1 and 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct . If approved, the change would permit, but would not require, lawyers to hire technology professionals who are not lawyers to assist with safeguarding client information. It makes it clear that lawyers who make reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information are not in violation of the rules if there is an accidental disclosure. The proposal originally was discussed at the January House of Delegates meeting.  Page 56 of agenda packet

Election of Nominating Committee membersPage 67 of agenda packet

Special Order: Installation of Board Members, Officers and President

M. Dawes Cook Jr. President
Beverly A. Carroll President-Elect
Roy F. Laney Treasurer
Mary E. Sharp Secretary
Marti M. Bluestein Board, 2nd Judicial Region
John E. Robinson Board, 4th Judicial Region
Michael D. Brown Board, At Large
Lindsay A. Joyner Board, YLD Representative
Sheila M. Willis Board, YLD Representative
Alice F. Paylor ABA State Bar Delegate
John H. Muench ABA State Bar Delegate
Darra W. Cothran SLD President
Ashleigh R. Wilson YLD President


Revised agenda

Supporting materials. Please note: Items 10 and 11 have been removed from the agenda.