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Local Boy Scouts receive $2,000 donation from Morton & Gettys

Morton & Gettys has given $2,000 to the Palmetto Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the second such gift to a community organization in celebration of the firm’s 20 anniversary.  The firm plans to give $20,000 in 2021 by giving ten $2,000 gifts to local non-profits.

From left, Andy Shene of First Citizens Bank and York District Scouts chair, Joshua Vann, and Helena Miller, Palmetto Council board member and chair of the board of the Rock Hill School District.

Partner Josh Vann, an Eagle Scout who remains heavily involved with the youth organization, chose the Scouts to receive the donation. Founding Partner Jim Morton had chosen the York County Free Clinic for the first gift. Other attorneys and staff at the firm will choose the remaining eight.

“The gift from Morton & Gettys will go a long way,” said Joshua Bouldin, director of the York District of the Palmetto Council. He said the money is likely to go toward helping Scouts who can’t afford to participate. There are fees involved in scouting, just as in youth soccer or baseball, and “We don’t want that to be a barrier for kids in our community.”

“We’re fortunate enough to have a good relationship with the Morton & Gettys firm,” which he attributes to the involvement of Josh Vann: “He and I grew up in the same troop in Fort Mill, and we’re both Eagle Scouts there.”

“I grew up in Scouts,” says Vann, who now serves the Scouts on the board of the Palmetto Council, and in other capacities. The Boy Scouts have “provided excellent youth services for a long, long time” in the community, and “The scope of today’s programs is greater than ever.”

The Boy Scouts of America has been serving boys for 111 years, and recently began admitting girls as well. In fact, the first two girls in York District just earned the ultimate honor of becoming Eagle Scouts.

Bouldin said the Scouts are about “Helping kids become good neighbors.” And the Morton & Gettys gift helps with that.

Join us in helping the Scouts in your community. Donations help potential Scouts afford the program. Visit this link to make a donation.  Also, if you have experience in the programs yourself, considering volunteering to help us guide these young people to be good neighbors.