South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Suspension Eligibility Week 2015

Many South Carolina drivers burdened by a suspended driver’s license might be able to take advantage of Driver Suspension Eligibility Week and have their driving privileges restored sooner than they had expected.

This year’s DSEW is available, March 16-20 in all DMV offices across the state. During that period, South Carolina drivers who have lost their driving privileges to suspensions for reasons covered under the program might may be able to reduce or clear the remaining time of their suspension. This annual program is mandated by state law. Every year, thousands of South Carolinians are eligible to participate.

The program, as outlined on the DMV web site, covers drivers whose licenses were suspended for the following reasons:

  • Excessive points under age 18
  • Operating an unlicensed vehicle or taxi
  • Operating someone else’s uninsured vehicle
  • Operating or allowing someone to operate their uninsured vehicle
  • Driving under suspension, with the exception of drug or alcohol-related convictions

To qualify, drivers must meet all terms of the suspension, including paying any required fees and making sure they have all necessary insurance. Depending on the type of suspension, they might also be required to pass vision, written and road skills tests.

Drivers serving multiple suspensions will not be able to clear time for all, but they likely would be able to get total time reduced.

To apply, complete DMV Form DL-601 and return it any DMV office during amnesty week. The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. most week days. The exception is Wednesday, when the office doesn’t open until 9:30 a.m. The DMV warns that lines often are longer than usual during amnesty week, so be prepared for a possible wait.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a suspended license or reinstatement difficulties at any time of the year, the attorneys of Morton & Gettys are happy to work with you to resolve these issues.