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Morton & Gettys gives $2,000 to support free clinic

Morton & Gettys co-founder Jim Morton and York County Free Clinic executive director Kathy Grier

York County Free Clinic has received a $2,000 donation from Morton & Gettys, making it the first recipient of 10 such gifts in celebration of the firm’s 20 anniversary.

Founding Partner Jim Morton made the selection. Other attorneys and staff at the firm will make the other nine.

“I’ve served on the board at the York County Free Clinic for several years,” Jim said. “This service helps many patients who would ordinarily be required to seek care in our local emergency rooms, so the care provided helps not only these uninsured patients, but our community at large.”

The clinic is completely supported by donations and welcomes them. It also has a need for volunteers. Medical care and clerical services are largely performed by volunteers, so for every dollar donated, the clinic’s doctors, nurses, students and staff provide 10 dollars’ worth of care. In 2020, that added up to a value of $3.4 million.

“York County Free Clinic is the only free clinic in York County,” said the clinic’s executive director, Kathy Grier, in thanking Morton & Gettys for the donation. “I am proud to be involved with a group of compassionate volunteers and staff who are improving the quality of life in our community by providing free healthcare to our community’s uninsured adults – the most vulnerable population in York County.” 

Join us in helping provide this needed service. Please donate. Please volunteer. Visit their website for more information: http://yorkcountyfreeclinic.org/