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Morton part of panel for SC Innocence & Justice Convention

Morton & Gettys co-founder Jim Morton will be part of a panel this spring during South Carolina’s first Innocence & Justice Conference. The program will bring together legal leaders to examine the causes, challenges and remedies in cases of wrongful conviction. Organized by the South Carolina Innocence Initiative, the conference goal includes charting a path […]

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Morton & Gettys gives $2,000 to support free clinic

York County Free Clinic has received a $2,000 donation from Morton & Gettys, making it the first recipient of 10 such gifts in celebration of the firm’s 20 anniversary. Founding Partner Jim Morton made the selection. Other attorneys and staff at the firm will make the other nine. “I’ve served on the board at the […]


Domestic violence cases amid COVID-19

By James MortonAttorney at Law Marriage and cohabiting can be challenging in the best of times.  Home-schooling, joblessness or working from home and other COVID-19 restrictions significantly increase anxiety and stress.  In times like these, the risk of a physical altercation is escalated. S.C. Code of Laws Section 16-25-20 states: (A) It is unlawful to: […]


What to do if you’re in front of a police camera

By James Morton Attorney at Law One feature of modern life that takes a lot of getting used to is that wherever you go, there’s likely a camera on you. It’s hard to know how to act – especially when the person behind the camera is a police officer. Whether it’s with a dashcam or […]


Morton serving on York County Free Clinic Advisory Council

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA – James Morton, one of the founding partners of Morton & Gettys, has been appointed to the serve on the York County Free Clinic Advisory Council. The facility, located in Rock Hill, is the only non-profit medical clinic in York County. It operates without government subsidies, serving uninsured low-income adults ages […]


South Carolina DUI videotaping law protects the rights of those accused

By James Morton Law enforcement officers are bound by the laws that spell out how they must conduct DUI investigations. Those laws are designed to protect the rights of the accused and to provide the best information should the case go to trial. In South Carolina, the requirements include videotaping DUI investigations and arrests. It’s […]


Even prescription medication can trigger a DUI charge

By James Morton At Morton & Gettys, we frequently represent clients who are facing DUI charges where the officer alleges their driving was impaired by drugs instead of alcohol. Quite often in these cases the driver’s breath sample registers less than a 0.08 alcohol level. Despite being below the legal blood alcohol content limit in […]


Drunk driving field sobriety tests explained

By James Morton You have seen it in the movies and on television shows: Someone is pulled over, and the police officer asks him to stand on one leg and recite the alphabet. What is the purpose of this strange-looking exercise? It is part of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) series administered roadside to […]