LGBTQ Adoption

Congratulations on your plans to start a family! No matter how you plan to do that, the experienced family law attorneys at Morton & Gettys are here to help.

We have guided our LGBTQ clients along their path to adoption over the years. We are skilled at helping both couples and single parents through the legal process, and we also understand the emotional ups and downs along the way. We can assist LGBTQ clients, whether they are first-time parents or looking to grow their family.

We begin the process by going over all the options. They include:

  • Surrogacy
  • Birth through assistive reproductive technology
  • Private adoption
  • Adoption through social services
  • Adoption of a partner or spouse’s biological or adopted child

Perhaps you have an option in mind already. If you are considering surrogacy and working with a gestational carrier, we can draft the legal documents necessary to protect you and your baby, making sure that you are recognized as the legal parent from the start. Though some parents may feel at ease when are working with a family member or close friend as a gestational carrier, legal steps still are necessary.

If you are leaning toward adoption, we will explore all the possibilities with you. We then will assist you with the paperwork and the process..

If one partner will be the child’s biological parent, we will help make sure the other is protected. Even if both parents’ names are on the birth certificate and the couple is married, many times the non-biological parent also  will adopt the child to be fully protected with parental rights to the child.