Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements no longer as the tools of the rich and famous. A pre-marital agreement also is valuable for clients who want to maintain some level of financial independence, such as individual ownership of real estate or a business. Couples who have children from previous relationships often use prenuptial agreements as a way to make sure that certain property is distributed to those children after the parent’s death.

Morton & Gettys can help couples address pre-marital agreements that address these issues and others, including:

  • Protecting a family business
  • Establishing spousal support
  • Establishing what property becomes jointly owned and how it would be divided in the event of a divorce

While couples have latitude in crafting prenuptial agreements, South Carolina law does require that the contract be voluntary, made in good faith, be fair and equitable, entered into with separate legal counsel and made after full financial disclosure.

That is why it is not only smart but essential that you hire your own attorney before signing a prenuptial agreement in South Carolina. Contract Morton & Gettys family law attorneys to see how we can help.