Residential Purchases

Used to be, buying a home was a much simpler process. Find a property, make an offer, sign a few papers, and get ready to move.

Things are much more complicated today. Paperwork and documentation requirements have grown exponentially. At Morton & Gettys, our residential real estate attorneys can help make that process easier. We have the legal know-how and experience to act as your go-to resource through every step, from offer to closing.

Our lead residential real estate attorney, firm co-founder John Gettys, is a preferred closing attorney for some of the area’s best-known developers and builders. You can rely on him and Morton & Gettys to draft crucial documents, including:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Title documents
  • Transfer documents

Morton & Gettys has handled thousands of residential real estate closings, managing each with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Heath Myers

Heath Myers