From private adoptions to adoptions through Social Services, the attorneys at Morton & Gettys can help Rock Hill clients create the family for which they are longing.

We can help both adoptive and birth parents navigate the necessary legalities on the way to creating a new family. We can make sure adoptive parents are informed of all the steps that must be taken, and we can help them keep track of the paperwork and process. We can help out-of-state parents with any extra steps that might be needed to adopt a South Carolina child.

We help parents who are exploring newer forms of adoption such as surrogacy or other assistive reproductive technology. Additionally, we can assist couples that are not legally married, but wish to co-parent.

We can also help clients with stepparent or family adoptions. These are usually the easiest forms of adoption, but they still require careful attention and an experienced legal eye. Termination of parental rights can be an issue in these cases, and we can guide clients through all the steps to make sure that legal notification efforts take place so problems do not emerge later.

We have also represented clients in difficult situations where the adoption is being contested or when a client wishes to contest. We can provide legal representation in paternity cases as well.