Morton & Gettys offers mediation services for civil law cases, including matters that involve leases, small business ownership and employment. Parties in all civil law cases in York County, as well as select other counties in South Carolina, are required to attend mediation before a trial may be scheduled.

Mediation can be a useful tool in a range of disputes, but particularly so in the area of probate. Through mediation, interested parties can share their opinions and reach a collaborative consensus on how to resolve difficult issues. Mediation also can help families avoid the financial and emotional toll of litigation.

John Gettys has been a certified civil court mediator since 2009. He focuses his mediation practice on probate matters. These can include managing assets for incapacitated adults or helping families decide on an appropriate Personal Representative. Other probate issues suitable for medication include distribution of assets and whether an independent conservator should be appointed for a minor who inherits money.

John P. Gettys, Jr.


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